Project Description

Azienda Agricola Ferreri & Bianco

A shared dream and a challenge to the system:
great quality wines instead of another "preserved must producer"


Three partners, Vincenzo Bianco, Rosario Ferreri and Mario Ferreri, for a project that aims to produce quality wines from indigenous vines, vinified in purity. Of all the vines they grow, the one which Ferreri e Bianco Winery has always believed in is Catarratto, a white grape that, in this area, is often associated with the name of the Ferreri and Bianco families.

Vincenzo Bianco, who is in charge of the vineyards and production, believed in this vine even when, still a boy, after graduating from the local Agricultural High School, he experimented, in the vineyard and in the cellar of his grandfather and father, right with Catarratto.

It took years to go from a small and almost amateur project to a well-organized, efficient and enthusiastic winery. The meeting between the two families was decisive and made it possible, for three young entrepreneurs, with very different backgrounds, each bringing his own skill, to make a dream come through: stop the tradition of this land to produce only “preserved must” (that get shipped to northern Italy and northern Europe and used to correct other wines).

Their shared dream consisted in working hard to enhance the Character, Personality, Typicality, Authenticity and Uniqueness of grapes grown in this area historically known for its high wine-growing vocation. The cellar and the project started in 2003 with great enthusiasm. The three friends and partners know they live and work in an area favored by a perfect pedoclimatic balance resulting from a mixture of long luminosity, strong thermal excursions, high sunshine and constant, day and night, ventilation.

All factors that allow a naturally sustainable viticulture. The winery is located close to the Finestrelle Natural Reserve, a few meters from “Baglio Di Stefano”, home of the “Museo delle Trame Mediterranee”.

We are among the Archaeological Parks of Selinunte, in the heart of the province of Trapani, Western Sicily. The fifty hectares owned by the three partners are spread over different hills, between 250 and 550 meters above sea level. Each vineyard enjoys the benefits of different microclimates. On these lands they grow native grapes such as Nero d’Avola, Pignatello (or Perricone), Catarratto, Inzolia, Zibibbo, Grillo. Well… there is also an “intruder”, the international Cabernet Sauvignon, that feels at home in Sicily.

Region: Sicily

Property dimension: 50 ha

Production: 90000 bottles

Agronomist: Vincenzo Bianco

Oenologist: Vincenzo Bianco