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Winemakers from all over Italy to represent the best of the national wine scene. Companies from known areas and niche productions. All engaged in the production of quality wines and to establish quality professional relationships.

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gioacchino sini

Circuito Verde has patiently and constantly taken care of our project and the results have come!

Gioacchino Sini, Unmaredivino

Circuito Verde has opened the doors of the world to our wines. After 15 years, the people we met together are still great business partners and above all great friends!

Gabriele Dalcanale, La Dama Vini
Gabriele Gaffino
I have been working with Circuito Verde for almost a year and with them I met real people who work hard to achieve the goal of each winery and each project they carry.
Gabriele Gaffino, Cantina Gaffino
Gianni Strazzacappa

We have been working with Circuito Verde for more than 5 years. Experience, professionalism and knowledge of foreign markets make this company an indispensable partner for us and for our business. Thanks Uliana

Gianni Strazzacappa, Vigna Roda

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