Project Description

Azienda Agricola Zaccagnini

Verdicchio Specialists and “One Stop” Winery
for all major appellations from Marche

Verdicchio and much more.

Back in 1973 the Zaccagnini brothers established their own farm, driven by a passion that over time they have transformed into a profession. It is from that moment that Mario Zaccagnini began to devote most of his life to this business, managing to transmit his same passion to his daughter Rosella and her husband Franco thus creating a winery managed entirely by the family.

The evolution of the activity has been favored by the particular climatic and territorial conditions of Staffolo, and in recent years – thanks to the increasingly accurate selection of the grapes, the research work and the avant-garde technologies used – spectacular improvements have been achieved quality wise. These areas are historically suited for viticulture and the numerous awards obtained have further stimulated the new generation of Zaccagnini to invest in the territory, to make the most of its production potential, to constantly improve quality while facing new markets.

The wines are characterized by the right sugar and alcohol content and by a good acidity, which helps to enhance the aromas and maintain them over time. The choice of the winery has always been to work to be the specialist in the production of Verdicchio but at the same time seek, within the region, collaborations for the production of reds in other areas of Marche in order to control the quality of the grapes and be able to produce not only Verdicchio but also all main Marche DOCs. Zaccagnini is today a “one stop winery” that can offer most of the major Marche appellations, all undergoing the same strict quality protocol.

Region: Marche

Property dimension: 35 ha

Production: 140000 bottiglie

Agronomist: Vittorio Fiorelli and Attilio Giampieri

Oenologist: Vittorio Fiorelli and Franco Boezio