Project Description

Cantine di Nessuno

Between Myth and Demystification

Knowledge, Love and Respect for the Etna Volcano.

The story of the winery is the story of a friendship between Seby Costanzo, architect and professional expert in the field of energy production from renewable sources, and Giuseppe Brancatelli, an IT engineer, both from Catania.

The project of vineyards and wine production fascinated their respective sons too: Gianluca and Paolo, who entered the project with enthusiasm. Paolo got involved to the point of undertaking oenology studies that he is currently completing. These are the human actors of this project. Then there is “A Muntagna”, the Mountain, Etna Volcano, its steep and rugged land, of incomparable beauty but so tiresome for those who have to work on it. There are the districts and the care for those tree trained vines, sometimes centenarians, which also seem to climb with difficulty on the slopes of the many secondary volcanic cones. “We practice heroic viticulture, with very low yields, very high processing costs. These vines repay us by producing precious grapes”. The ten hectares of vineyards are all on the south-east side of Etna, in different locations, all “heroic” in terms of steepness and positions. Here we produce white, red and rosé wines from native vines: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Catarratto. Just a few words about this cellar name that intrigues: Cantine di Nessuno, which translates into Nobody’s Winery.

There certainly is a mythological reference to the Odyssey but we like to underline the other explanation that Seby Costanzo and Giuseppe Brancatelli gave us: “If the earth is always there to transform itself, but keeps the bond with the people unaltered, it belongs to everyone. , therefore, no one “. Cantina di Nessuno, elegant, austere wines, heroic wines!

Region: Sicilia

Property dimension: 7,5 ha owned + 5 ha rented

Production: 30.000 bottles

Agronomist: Andrea Marletta

Oenologist: Giandomenico Negro