Project Description

Villa Dianella

The elegance of the places resembles the elegance of the wines,
with their authenticity and straight forward, sincere personality. Chianti of great charm and much more,
wines that speak for this historical hamlet

Tradition in innovation.

Tuscany spoils the traveler with its historical dwellings and its landscapes. The living miracle of this land repeats itself again in Vinci, at Dianella, the Medici Villa of the sixteenth century, originally used as a hunting lodge, which welcomes  with the splendor of yesterday and the care of today. Residence, over the centuries, of famous people, the villa is expertly and passionately managed by Francesco and Veronica Passerin d’Entrèves.

Here they welcome guests, make wine from their grapes, ptoduce Extra Virgin Olive Oil, take care of the farm that develops on the 90 ha owned by the family. Dianella wines “resemble” the style of the hamlet and the villa: simply pleasant in the utmost care for details. The family motto for this wine production, which is supervised  by Wine Maker Franco Bernabei’s, is: total quality and attention to every single detail, in the vineyards, in the cellar, in the packaging design and also when offering them to their customers.

The experience that these wines gives to those who taste them can be summarized in two concepts: pleasantness and drinkability. A “true Tuscan experience” as Veronica Passerin d’Entrèves proudly says. “Let’s take the Chianti Dianella, the most immediate and ready of our wines. It is a Chianti that does not age in oak,no need. Young and fresh is the best expression of  the Montalbano territory that has always produced  sincere, pleasant, fruity wines. This is our real, immediate, straight forward image of Tuscany ”. And from Chianti Dianella, from this production philosophy, we start to explore an intriguing range of elegant wines inside and outside the bottle. Wines with balanced alcoholic grades, excellent to sip on their own, perfect in combination with food. From the 2020 vintage, Dianella wines will be certified organic to further consolidate the relationship of great respect for this land

Region: Toscana

Property dimension: 90 ha of which 25 are vineyards

Production: 130000 bottles

Agronomist: Mauro Nosi

Oenologist: Franco Bernabei



Sangiovese, Colorino, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc (available in 2 years) Malvasia Lunga del Chianti, Vermentino ed Orpicchio