Project Description

Vigna Roda

Concreteness, enthusiasm, great determination, curiosity,
cordiality are words that well describe Elena and Gianni Strazzacappa’s project.
A solid and loyal family project.

An innovative project that combines tradition and technology.

Vigna Roda winery is located a short distance from Padua, near a village called Vò, in the Euganean Hills Park. This territory with an ancient history, with its volcanic conformation, offers ideal climatic conditions for cultivating  vines.
In these beautiful area the Strazzacappa family has been producing wines for generations. The consistency of work carried out over the years has helped building  a reputation of high quality cellar. Today Vigna Roda Winery is managed by Gianni Strazzacappa and his wife Elena. With their work they have confirmed this reputation and today, like yesterday, their work is based on a rigorous search for excellence.
In the vineyard, the density of vines per hectare has been progressively increased to encourage natural radical competition between  plants and the consequent production of a smaller quantity of bunches, an essential condition for obtaining perfect grapes. The range of Vigna Roda wines falls within the DOC Colli Euganei appellation. Here Gianni and Elena grow and produce  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and other international vines that are traditionally “at home” here in Veneto. They also produce indigenous varietals such as Moscato Bianco,  Serprino (local name for Glera), and  “Fior d ‘Arancio DOCG” from Moscato Giallo grapes produced both as Spumante and as Passito. Packaging is elegant, modern.. Vigna Roda is a perfect synthesis between tradition and modernity.

Region: Veneto

Property dimension: 20 ha

Production: 100000 bottles

Agronomist: Andrea Gianesini

Oenologist: Stenico Daniele



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Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Moscato Bianco, Moscato Giallo, Serprino, Chardonnay, Garganega, Tai Bianco