Project Description

Tenuta Ronci

Love for wine is not a new story but it becomes a new story
each time a vineyard takes root in a specific territory
and tells the passion of the winemaker and his team.

The story of a double falling in love.

A love at first sight for wine that struck, years ago, at one of the editions of  Vinitaly Wine Show  in Verona, and the story of a deep love for Nepi, its air, its land, the purity of its waters and nature, wild and reassuring at the same time. Arturo Improta, besides being in love with wine,  was and remains a successful entrepreneur in a very different business.

In Nepi he found his “happy place” and rooted his love  for  wine here. Nepi is the city of the famous “Nepi water”, a historical source of mineral water. Few people know that just inside the city there is a mighty natural waterfall that surprises the visitor with its scenic effect.

We are in the Province of Viterbo, just north of Rome in a place with an ancient and suspended atmosphere, rich in lakes due to the volcanic origin of this area. Here the entrepreneur Arturo Improta has built a team that works with him to produce quality wines that resemble this land, powerful and daring wines. The team finds its leader in Luigi Mojo, a prestigious, internationally renowned winemaker. So this is the story of how it started and here’s how three wonderful shades of Chardonnay were born, as well as a robust and solid Grechetto and some very interesting red blends made of international vines.

Region: Lazio

Property dimension: 20 ha

Production: XXXX bottles

Agronomist: //

Oenologist: Luigi Moio



Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Grechetto