Project Description

Cantina Lapone

The focus point is Orvieto, the view is breathtaking, the sharp descents and climbs are energizing, the people is welcoming and ther wine is the right synthesis of all this.

Hands, Head and Love for this land.

Some are “naturally born” in a vineyard environment, for others it’s a choice. This is the case of Ramona and Piero Cantarelli who, after living professional and personal experiences elsewhere, have decided to live in the countryside, become winegrowers, produce their own wine and welcome guests here. Proud ambassadors of this territory they have brought the enthusiasm and professionalism, known in other work experiences, into their farming project and their relations with this land. Here, Ramona and Piero Cantarelli, live, welcome guests in the beautifully restored farmhouses (with a wonderful view of Orvieto!).

They take care of the vineyards personally, learn every day something more about the art of viticulture with curiosity and stubbornness; collaborate every day, with humility and passion, with the oenologist, Massimo Bartolini (another enthusiast by profession!). They enjoy interacting with the local community and work, all together, to give more and more visibility to this corner of paradise. The organoleptic profile of the wines, the image of the bottles tell this story well.

Vines at Lapone are grown with espalier training and double Guyot pruning. Here the method of integrated agriculture is adopted to manage the agroecosystem with environmentally friendly techniques. In the vineyards they grow: Grechetto, Procanico, Malvasia, Verdicchio, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. In the cellar the result is: an excellent Orvieto Classico Superiore, a “Ramato” (onion peel color) Pinot Grigio, two Bordeaux blends, a captivating Chardonnay, a vine that finds excellent expressions in these part of Italy, and a pure Verdicchio that intrigues and surprises.

Region: Umbria

Property dimension: 20 ha

Production: 23.000 bottiglie

Agronomist: Massimo Bartolini

Oenologist: Massimo Bartolini