Project Description

Benedetti & Grigi

If you say  Umbria you say Montefalco,
the wine production area “par excellence”  in this Italian region.
And if you  say  Montefalco you mean: Sagrantino.

Sagrantino and much more.

Umberto Benedetti and Daniele Grigi represent the two families who,  combining their entrepreneurial skills, gave birth, in 2014, to the Benedetti & Grigi Winery. We are on the hills around the town of Montefalco, in Umbria, on the side overlooking Assisi. The company, with its 68 hectares of vineyards, represents one of the most significant wine productions in the  Umbrian viticulture scene.

The owned vineyards are scattered over a large area at all different exposures and altitudes. B&G grows red and white grapes, mostly indigenous that, carefully selected both in the vineyards and, after harvesting, in the cellar, allow them to produce wines with palate profiles, concentration, alcoholic strength and different aging able to satisfy the many requests from modern consumers.

The cellar is fully equipped with the most advanced available technology necessary to produce quality wines from sustainable agriculture. The winemaker, Daniele Di Mambro, a solid career gained working mostly in Tuscany, “designs” the wines and works with a young, cohesive and motivated team inside the winery. Since 2016 B&G  is part of Food Italiae a supervising company created to include all food and beverage productions owned by the group with the aim of providing total traceability for all  their productions, including wine.

Food Italiae includes productions of flour, eggs, pasta, salami, beer, meats. All with a single denominator: representing the excellence of the territories of origin and providing  consumers with maximum level of traceability for each product.

Region: Umbria

Property dimension: 68 ha

Production: 500000 bottles

Agronomist: Umberto Benedetti

Oenologist: Daniele Di Mambro



Sagrantino, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grechetto, Trebbiano Spoletino, Chardonnay