Project Description

Morandi Wine

A (natural and organic) family business

Sangiovese free to express itself

In Loro Ciuffenna, in the province of Arezzo, in 2011 Denis Morandi, a young computer science student, found himself facing an existential crossroads: to continue his studies or to commit to preserving the farm that his beloved grandfather had carried on during his life. His uncles had decided to sell the land but at that moment his vocation as a winemaker took over, as did the strong belief that the life he wanted to live was in the countryside and in the cellar, instead of in front of a computer screen.

Thus was born the Morandi winery, whose “pillars” are Organic Agriculture, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, certified by 2014, and the determination to go beyond simple organic certification and make Natural Wines. Denis’s production project has done nothing but follow and improve his grandfather’s footsteps and what he had already practiced with passion for decades. A small farm and production rooted in a territory of great enological value, resting on a clayey soil and immersed in a dry and windy climate. The vineyards are exposed to the South / East with the exception of a small plot facing North. The oldest vineyard was planted in 2004, the most recent one in 2014. Sangiovese is the great protagonist of the territory and of this project, here, by Deni’s choice, it does not become Chianti and remains free to express the qualities of every single portion of this property and take on different characteristics based on the plot of origin.

Then there is a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, Trebbiano and Malvasia that gives Denis wines multiple nuances, all clearly evident in the bottle. To further embellish the project there is also a beautiful villa in which Denis and his family welcome guests and tourists and which gives the enotourism experience an additional touch of “Tuscan Magic”.

Region: Tuscany

Property dimension: 2,5 ha

Production: 11.000 bottiglie

Agronomist: Denis Morandi

Oenologist: Luca D’Attoma